A Word to the parents

Dear parents/ Guardians, we are glad that you have chosen to send your ward to our school as you believe that this school caters to the all-round development of your child. It is futile to get your ward admitted to the school and leave to the care of the school alone. Please remember that EDUCATION BEGINS FIRST AT HOME.


Disciplinary Rules

Dear students, these rules are by no means exhaustive. The provisions of these rules may be amended, modified or annulled if the management feels that such amendment / modification / annulment is necessary for the smooth and effective functioning of the school. However, substantial changes,



Students are ordinarily admitted at the beginning of the academic year, which commences in April. Exceptions to the above rule may be made at the sole discretion of the school authorities. In case of fresh admission on exceptional grounds to any section, school fees will be charged from the beginning of the school year.


Welcome to Sacred Heart School

The name Sacred Heart School, the most beloved and sought after name in the township, district & the Rayagada Zone, of the Orissa Association of ICSE Schools, is a school known for her qualitative approach in academic, cultural, Music, Dance, martial arts, sports and aesthetic development of young minds. It stands as UNO NUMERO among all the English medium schools in KBK districts today. Changing its name from the Eastern Valley School to Sacred Heart School, it has spread a magical spell in the southern district of Orissa.


The SACRED HEART SCHOOL, RAYAGADA is a Catholic Institution, established and managed by the North Indian Province of the Congregation of the Mission (C.M.) under Acts 29 and 30 of the constitution of India. It maintains its Christian atmosphere, identity and character. Here students are prepared for the Xth class examination of the Council for Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) New Delhi, to which it is affiliated.


It is also recognized by the Education Department of the State Government of Orissa. The medium of instruction is English with Hindi and Oriya as the second languages. The school has been granted the Christian Minority Right Status since 2008. Its registration No. is F.No. 705 of 2007-25236.



View ICSE Results ICSE Results 2018

Summary of ICSE 10th exam result 2018

Percentage of students who got above 90%


Percentage of students who got between 80-90%


Percentage of students who got between 70-80%


Percentage of students who got between 60-70%


Percentage of students who got less than 60%


Total Number of students passed


Highest mark obtained by DHANANJAYA SWAIN.
He got Overall Percentage 97%




The Objective of this institution is to impart to the young boys and girls a sound education under the care of the Fathers and Sisters who regard it as their most sacred duty. Their aim is not only to train the mind but also to mould the character, promote leadership qualities and prepare them to shoulder

responsibilities, maintaining a high standard of honour and probity in private and public life. In short , it seeks to promote the all-round development – spiritual, moral, intellectual, physical, & social etc. of the wards committed to its care.